British Charcuterie Live at Borough Market

British Charcuterie Live - the home for British charcuterie and organisers of the British Charcuterie Live Awards -  and Borough Market - the leading food and drink market in London - are collaborating to bring Britain’s finest charcuterie producers, products and experts together to celebrate St George’s Day.

Visitors to Borough Market on Tuesday 23rd April will be able to enjoy a wonderful selection of British traditional and innovative cured, preserved, air-dried, cooked and fermented charcuterie. Leading producers will be providing tastings of their distinctive and delicious wares, from right across the UK, and offering them for sale.

“It’s the perfect opportunity to be surprised and delighted by the quality, amazing flavours, range and diversity of British charcuterie,” says British Charcuterie Live’s founder Henrietta Green. “British charcuterie is being made from many different meats and with a great range of flavourings, some reflecting regionality, historic recipes, or the latest in contemporary innovation in food.  This will be the perfect opportunity to connect with the people behind the products and share their passion for this fast-growing British speciality.”

As well as these top charcuterie makers, there will be a display and tasting of selected 2018 Gold Medal winners of the British Charcuterie Live Awards, and an opportunity to discover some of the new products which have been entered into the British Charcuterie Live 2019 awards, which are being held later this year.

There will also be a demonstration area with charcuterie experts and charcuterie-making leading chefs sharing their skills.

Visitors can even try for a chance to win the magnificent hamper of British charcuterie and accompaniments which will be displayed.

Christine Elliott, Chair of the Board of Trustees, Borough Market says: “Henrietta Green had a seminal role in the renaissance of Borough Market some twenty years ago and we are proud to welcome her back to curate this new event. She continues her pioneering tradition with British Charcuterie Live, for a showcase of the country’s finest award-winning producers.

“British charcuterie is still in its infancy yet is remarkably diverse and Henrietta continues to innovate by championing inventive and traditional artisanal production.”

About British Charcuterie Live

British Charcuterie Live, founded by  award-winning food writer, broadcaster, journalist, consultant and event organiser, Henrietta Green, organises British Charcuterie Live events and is behind the British Charcuterie Live Awards the first, national, annual, independent Charcuterie Awards - created to promote quality, variety and understanding of British charcuterie.


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